Today was the first working day of the year.

I had initially planned to spent the whole day at the office but had to rearrange to spent the second half of the day from home – had to pick Ruzain up as the transporter couldn’t make it at the last minute.

First thing at the office I was surprised to find out few big work arrangements had been made without my knowledge. Then again actually, it’s no surprise. 

Later in the afternoon, similar incidents happened.

Anyway, came to accept it. It has become a norm.

Que sera sera.

Good thing I had the opportunity to pick Ruzain up from school and that’s always a happy moment especially after seeing how happy he was being greeted by me at the gate.

Later in the afternoon, brought him to his drum class with a new teacher – Aiman. This time round he was properly taught the concept of tempo alternating between bass and snare. Although sleep deprived, he managed to grasp the concept.

Super proud daddy. 

A shared passion of music – runs in the family.

Celebrated his achievement with ice cream at Inside Scoop.

Happy moments.

Let’s see what lies ahead tomorrow, enjoy the moment. Life’s too short to be hung up on things.

Daily dose of happiness – compulsory exercise photo