It’s Friday. A blessed day.

Spending the day working from home – or at least doing work when something comes around. Work has been odd for the past few months where I’m involved in some of it and not the others, or come in between to be the “face” to face the music, then disappear again back to the background.


I’ve learned through the series of incidents over the past half year to know better, it’s not worth to fight the current at where I am working now – I’ll keep the energy to do it where it is worth and can actually make a difference. 

Given the state of things, might as well embrace it and take a backseat to recuperate from all the scars and damages, before I start fresh on my next journey – wherever that is and insha Allah, hopefully soon.

At the same time, I’ll just be there whenever I’m needed as I always do. At least I don’t have to change and keep that part of me.

It ain’t that bad on a Friday.

Picking up Ruzain from school – a privilege on a Friday