Gong Xi Fa Cai

Have not managed to write anything much. Life has been more routine than anything else.

Spent the long Chinese New Year weekend mainly chilling at home while doing some errands here and there. Fetched my mum over on Saturday to spent the day at home. Other than that mostly the usuals.

Ruzain did have an episode on Saturday night – actually Sunday morning at 2am. It’s been a while since he had a meltdown and went on rage mode. It must have been overwhelming for him. Later he spent about 20 minutes crying himself out. I think it’s him feeling sad and bad for losing himself, getting into an argument with me. 

Damage: broke a chair.

Going to celebrate his 16th birthday in 10 days time.

How time flies.

Also managed to take a photo of me and my brother at the mosque. Our mak lang passed away. May Allah place her among the righteous.

It’s black, it’s white

That’s all for now. Hopefully more interesting things will come my way soon.