“Straight from the Heart: Life Notes of a Reflecting Mind”
is a humble attempt by an ordinary man (me!) with an extraordinary dream to jot down numerous life lessons acquired from various teachers throughout my life journey, putting it together into a compilation to be shared with willing readers. The compilation consist of various topics on life based on my personal life experiences.

It takes the approach of sharing rather than academic, hence the readers are free to form their opinions on the practicality and applicability of concepts shared throughout the compilation to the lives of the readers. The compilation tries to take an approach of mixing worldly opinions and tying it back to Islamic knowledge, written in a light manner for easy consumption by everyone.

I must declare upfront that the compilation does include Islamic content quite heavily but at the same time I welcome my non-Muslim friends to read it as well. Most of the lessons are generic enough that can be benefited by everyone regardless of race or religion.

The eBook is free to be downloaded for your consumption and reading pleasure. If you do find the contents of the compilation to be beneficial and worthwhile reading, don’t hold back, go ahead and share. Sharing is my main intention anyway; the more people benefiting from it, the better. If in any way the contents benefit you, all I ask is for a good ‘Dua’ for me and my family.

Nevertheless, to manage your expectations on the quality of the eBook – it is an amateur work hence I apologize upfront for the weaknesses it may have. Please free to contact me if you have any corrections, feedback or suggestions regarding the compilation.

There is still so much for each of us to learn and share, from and with one another – straight from the heart!

Learn, unlearn and relearn and along the way, don’t forget to have fun!

You can get a copy of the eBook by downloading it below: 

Straight From The Heart: Life Notes of A Reflecting Mind          Download

You can also download by chapters:

01 : Thank You    Download
02 : Disclaimers    Download
03 : Straight From The Heart    Download
04 : The “Type-Writer”    Download
05 : Defining Success    Download
06 : I am a Revert    Download
07 : Living on a Purpose    Download
08 : The Outliers’ Secret – The Core Traits    Download
09 : Good vs. Great – The Differentiator    Download
10 : Life is a Journey    Download
11 : Secret to Happiness    Download
12 : We are Family    Download
13 : IQ, EQ – VQ?    Download
14 : Games of Mindsets    Download
15 : Work in Progress: The “To Do List”    Download
16 : Black and White Register    Download
17 : Basic Rule of Decision-Making    Download
18 : Different Folks, Different Strokes    Download
19 : Small Improvements, Big Difference    Download
20 : Spread Love    Download
21 : Pay It Forward    Download
22 : Great Powers, Great Responsibilities    Download
23 : Beyond Words    Download