I’ve made many mistakes in life, but one thing that is for sure not a mistake is my son, Ruzain.

I’m guessing everyone reading this would say – “Hey that’s normal, what’s so special about this statement anyway?”.

I must agree, any normal parent would feel the same for his/her child. It’s only natural. And if there is any chance that true unconditional love exist in this world, it would be between a parent and a child, and probably vice versa.

The only difference that Ruzain has compared with majority of people in this world, which he also shares with the selected few is that he is born with Autism.

Autism – a word that triggers different meanings, emotions and reactions to different people. Some become cautious and careful while some even become scared and worried.

But for those who have been facing it either as a parent or the actual person living with it, after a while you just realize that autism is just part of life – probably different, but still just life.

And as someone who is forever in love with someone with autism, I must say, it ain’t a bad one.

Many people, especially those who suddenly fall on the same boat, would seek advice on how to deal with autism or make it better. A lot of us, probably me at one point was hoping that along the way things would progress and the autism will fade out, eventually living life as any other normal people.

I’ve realized now that normal is how you define it – because to people who live with autism, their every day lives are normal to them. That’s the normal they’ve known for their entire life.

Who are we to redefine it for them?

Today, after growing and falling in love with it, there is only one rather simple advice I can give with regards to autism, especially to those who live around people with autism – is just to simply love them with all your heart because its all they do to you – even if they don’t look like they are doing the same to you.

They just love you for who you are because that’s what they stand for – love.