Gong Xi Fa Cai

Have not managed to write anything much. Life has been more routine than anything else. Spent the long Chinese New Year weekend mainly chilling at home while doing some errands here and there. Fetched my mum over on Saturday to spent the day at home. Other than that mostly the usuals. Ruzain did have an episode on Saturday night – actually Sunday morning at 2am. It’s been a while since he had a meltdown and went on rage mode. It must have been overwhelming for him. Later he spent about 20 minutes crying himself out. I think it’s him feeling sad and bad...

A trip up north

Spent the week traveling up north to Sintok, Kedah for line up of programs with Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) under the Social Takaful Fund (STF) initiative.  It’s been a passion of mine to live the meaning of financial inclusion across all walks of life; young or old, far or near. Food for soul seeing the pieces falling together. It’s never a dull uneventful moment when it comes to programs at UUM.  First day was pretty straightforward. Did the closing speech at Do It financial literacy festival. Then followed by launching of the new STF office and meeting room. The meeting...

Poster Boy

It’s be a while since I went out for my food for soul activities. Today had the chance to officiate a community centre at a low cost flat housing area that FWD Takaful sponsored.  The hard work was put in by our partner Giving Hub and our own Azizi. I just came to do the ceremony or as my wife put it in view of the recent development – the poster boy.  At least these days I look like an intellectual one. The handsome part is already not there, but I can really smile, so probably that. A happy Sunday.


Skipped few days since I last wrote. Trying to keep to the habit of writing regularly and not fall into the old blackout period – let’s see if I’ll be able to do it. Change is inevitable – I was told. In actual truth, it is a simple fact.  Change to good or bad is definitely subjective and is always a matter of perspective. Perspective is so subjective that the fluidity of it is almost constant, depending on both factual and emotional factors or circumstances. Over the weekend, we had a lineup of early of year main agency events. Honestly,...


Finally, the effects eating of lots of carrots during childhood has lost its super power – officially need to wear glasses due to astigmatism.  Never thought the day will come. But I’ve come to my senses, no point denying the difficulties of reading presentations from the afar during meetings, and those tired eyes, which I’m not sure whether it is the lack of sleep or the astigmatism causing it – probably both. 4 more days before I reveal my new image. Oddly excited about it. Lol.